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  I first participated in a Watch Course trial lesson, which I was interested in; but I thought this was not for me, so I participated in a trial lesson for the Jewelry Course. Making something with my own hands was fun, so I decided to enroll in the school. Everybody in the class got along well with each other. My Japanese classmates patiently teach me difficult Japanese expressions to use for presentations in an easy-to-understand manner. I’m also good friends with other foreign students from various countries. Entering my third year, I am conscious about finding employment after graduation. It is my wish to work in the creative field in Japan. I will do my best in my last year at school to realize my dream.
When I was in Italy, I was already in love with Japanese glam rock bands and gothic silver accessories. When I saw a Hiko brochure at a Japanese language school, I was amazed by the quality and creativity of the students' work. I love gothic silver accessories, but Italy does not have the culture to produce them. Moreover, Italian jewelry schools seem to focus on lectures, and students do not have many chances to use tools. At Hiko, on the other hand, we can learn practical skills soon after school starts. After building up my skills for three years here, I want to make my own gothic silver accessory brand and become a popular designer in Japan!  

  I came to Japan to acquire craft skills. Anyway, I definitely wanted to study some kind of craft techniques. I thought about what I wanted to study, including clothing and car manufacturing, but finally decided to learn about jewelry because I was somewhat influenced by my father, who runs a metal-recycling business. Although this is absolutely my first experience with jewelry-making, I am enjoying studying at this school and feel fulfilled. I have made a lot of friends who have the same goal as mine. More amazingly, I now completely understand the content of the first year curriculum for my first class. When I saw it for the first time, I didn’t understand it at all. I really feel that I have been steadily acquiring skills. The Advanced Jewelry Course allows me to fully learn about jewelry for four years. I still have far to go, but will continue to study hard to improve my skills.
I happened to learn about HIKO when I was asked by my friend at a Japanese language school to join a one-day open campus there. I had no particular interest in the school at first. However, I was truly fascinated with the very fashionable atmosphere, as well as the kind students that helped us during a workshop. I came to Japan for study because I like Japanese culture, which is a leader in Asia. I was actually thinking of entering a school in the field of fashion or beauty care, but when I actually participated in campus tours at such schools, the explanations provided there seemed to me to be very difficult to understand. Out of all schools I visited, HIKO was the most supportive school and provided easy-to-understand explanations. As I originally liked shoes (I have about 20 pairs of shoes!), I decided to study at HIKO. What I am eager to make are men’s shoes. My dream is to create leather shoes like those made by “Trickers,” a British traditional brand. I will study hard to make my dream come true.  

  Making things has always been my hobby, and I used to make small things. At university in Thailand, I majored in a completely different subject; however, as I was considering which path I wanted to take after graduation, instead of deciding to look for work, I thought I really wanted to specialize in a specific field of manufacturing. That is why I decided to study abroad. I heard about HIKO from another student at my Japanese language school. At the time, I was living in Kyoto, but without a second thought I went to the Tokyo Campus for a visit. I looked at works made by senior students and was deeply impressed; I had found an environment in which I wanted to study. I want to get better at design, manufacturing, and the Japanese language. My goal is to make simple, user-friendly bags that both men and women can use. Someday, I would like to open my own shop.
I came to Japan because I was interested in Japanese Anime. I visited several technical schools of animation and illustration. There were so many overseas students who had much greater knowledge of animation than I did, and I lost my confidence. Moreover, I felt it wasnʼt for me. I wanted to be a creator. I wanted to shape things. About that time, a teacher from HIKO came to a workshop at my Japanese language school, and we made small leather bags together. It was so much fun. I had never before experienced such a world. I loved to draw pictures, so learning design was very appealing. That is why I decided to apply to the school. In my home country, there arenʼt many shoe brands, so I hope to be a shoe designer in the future. Because of Indonesiaʼs hot climate, it would be great if I could create shoes that are cool to wear.  

  I love detailed work, so I think jewelry is my thing. Itʼs not easy and I often have a hard time, but I am enjoying school life. When I first entered, the assignments were all I could handle, but starting around summer, I was able to work on my own jewelry as well as the assignments. I joined the Creatorsʼ Market at the School Festival with my friends, which is an event for selling original jewelry. Though I had entered the school only six months before, I gave it my best shot and did all I could with the skills I had. Unfortunately, I sold nothing and was in the red. At the next event, I hope to sell some and get in the black. Just the other day, I made a bracelet for my friendʼs birthday; the designed featured a silver rabbit and hanging stone charms. Making others happy with their creations is the pleasure of jewelry makers. I would like to make more original pieces.
I was a website designer in Korea before coming to Hiko. Since I've always liked making things, sitting in front of a PC became boring… then I thought "I want to make something!" I looked for a school that taught shoemaking because I loved shoes and used to buy at least two pairs a month. Then I found Hiko. Other schools also teach shoemaking, but I quickly chose Hiko because it has a course specializing in shoemaking. At school, I am so absorbed in work and time just flies. New tools are difficult to handle at first but are so much fun once I get the hang of it. For example, you can get better with a sewing machine as you use it. I like the fact that I can actually see my improvement.